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INSCOM Intelligence Report 15OCT20 - Supporting Units SITREP
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28 OCTOBER 2020

Supporting Units SITREP

(TS)Map of current US Forces in Chernarus

(TS) S-2 Operations Command has requested a brief SITREP from the Commanding Officer of each of the units operating within Chernarus. The SITREPs are below.

(TS) Co A\1-506 IR: ...

(TS) Co B\1-506 IR: Under the instructions of battalion command, Bravo Company has initiated a northern and eastern flank of the southwestern NSLA stronghold of COP Greystoke. The 1\B\1-506 have pushed to the northwest of COP Greystoke, holding a defensive line in the forested hilltop. Similarly, 2/B/1-506 have set up a blocking position to the north of COP Greystoke to prevent further medium and light armor maneuvers around to the west of COP Norris and FARP Upton. Due to the high density of remaining NSLA armor at COP Greystoke, the 2/32 CAV are positioned to easily reinforce 2/B/1-506 by pushing to the south along the MSR. Lastly, in order to hold the eastern flank of COP Greystoke and northeast of Hatton Airbase, FARP Upton has garrisoned 3/B/1-506, who have been ordered to conduct continual patrols to the west to ensure Hatton Airbase does not attempt to split 1/A/1-506 from 3/B/1-506.

(TS) Co C\1-506 IR:

(TS) 326 BSB: Ever since the shelling of Chester Airbase by the NSLA during their flanking maneuver to the northeast, the runway has remained inoperable. The MLRS previously utilized by the NSLA left large divets throughout the surface area of the runway. With the highest priority, the 326 BSB have been ordered to commence a minimumally-viable reconstruction effort to allow the 74th and D.Co. to operate out of Chester in addition to Ravensworth Airbase.

(TS) 426 BSB: A full headcount has been undertaken by the 426 BSB. There are 4x POWs: 2LT A. Musgove, SSG D. Discot, SPC M. Gur, and SPC E. Heather. The INSCOM on the 426 BSB can be found here.

(TS) 32 FAR: The 32 FAR have reported no engagements nor tasking by 1 BCT HQ due to the proximity of the 506th to OPFOR.

(TS) 32 CAV: Whilst the 3\32 CAV remain in reserves, the 2\32 CAV moved to the west of COP Norris in an overwatch position of 2\B\1-506 and any NSLA armor advances out of COP Greystoke. Tentative engagements have taken place between 2/32 CAV and motorized infantry to the south of COP Norris and along the treeline to the south of 2\B\1-506. After 3\A\1-506 and 1\A\1-506 assaulted COP Berezino and secured the AO, the 1\32 CAV garrisoned themselves in the city, and are prepared to quickly reinforce the assaulting assets in the southwest via the Chernarusian coastal highway.

(TS) 1 BCT HQ: As a result of the retaking of northeast, the 1 BCT HQ have remained to the northwest, have heavily fortified their position, and have set-up all necessary command and control equipment for follow-on activities within the AO.

Classified By: S-2 Operations Command
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: 20351015


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