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28 MAY 19

Island of Malden

The Nation of Malden consists of the following areas;


  • (C) El gran norte (North AO)
  • (C) Puerto esmeralda (South AO)
  • (C) Península de Satanás (Southwest Peninsula)

(U) There are no definitive borders between the areas of Malden, all area-based Intelligence will be slightly general in nature to account for the free movement of personnel in and around the city, as well as accounting for how difficult it can be to accurately track personnel during HUMINT/COMINT efforts.

(C) S-2 Command has detailed the noticeable cultural differences, differing political opinions and sympathizers loyal to Malden's former government. Península de Satanás has been at the core of recent civil unrest, and military buildup on the island.

(C) The following document outlines each major area of Malden, their current situation, any existing points of interest and general background information.

(C) S-2 Intelligence will continue to analyze each area throughout the deployment, monitoring civilian opinions of US forces and brief Task Forces prior to each patrol, highlighting potential dangers and current events relevant to the Task Force.

El gran norte (North AO)

(C) El gran norte (North AO) is now under the control of the Malden government who welcome US forces in the area. Government officials have given US forces full access to Orion Airbase and COP Scorpius.

Terrain: Mostly open areas around villages, blending into defined ridge complexes.
Focal Point: Orion Airbase, multiple large towns.
Primary Focus: Orion Airbase.
Commercial: Small shops and market stands, most family run and operated.
Residential: Estimated to house ~500+ families.
Military: Malden Armed Forces, poorly armed, but well organized.
Road Network: Multiple MSR's feed a handful of large towns.
   - Faction: MAF
   - Name: Jorge Reyes
   - Methods/Motives: Well trained and battle-hardened after supporting US forces during Operation Thunderstorm. Relies on tactics learned from US forces. Loyal to Malden at all costs.
Threat Level: LOW

Puerto esmeralda (South AO)

(C) After the destruction caused during Operation Thunderstorm the Malden government has poured all available resources into rebuilding the capital of Le Port. This has severely depleted their funds and their manpower. Due to the scale and harshness of fighting in the south during the conflict, the death toll was in the thousands. While US forces were responsible with very few civilian deaths throughout the entire conflict, the local populace is uneasy with the return of US troops.

Terrain: Full spectrum from heavy urban areas to fishing shacks.
Focal Point: Le Port, the capital city in the southeast.
Primary Focus: COP Scorpius.
Commercial: Large amount of shops and fish markets.
Residential: Estimated to house ~1000+ families
Military: Malden Armed Forces, poorly armed, but well organized.
Road Network: Two MSR's lead into and out of the area.
   - Faction: MAF
   - Name: Miguel Castonos
   - Methods/Motives: Migues Castonos is the former Chief of Police in Le Port. After the conflict in Malden and as a result of his heroic efforts during the siege of La Port, he was offered a command role in the MAF. HUMINT reports that although Castonos does not agree with a militarized government, he accepted the position as a chance to do good from the inside.
Threat Level: Moderate

Península de Satanás (Southwest Peninsula)

(C) Península de Satanás or "Satan's Peninsula" has become a safe haven for ROMN sympathizers and serves as their base of operations for a military buildup. With a small port to bring in arms and troops, as well as only one means of reaching vial land, this area is well suited for a "last stand" scenario. 

(C) ROMN sympathizers calling themselves La Muchos Niños or "The Many Children" are under the direct command of General Taymen Mao. Thanks to Mao's connections throughout Asia, The Muchos Niños have amassed a force capable of overturning the fledgling MAF by force.

(C) Due to its proximity to the capital city of Le Port and the size of the force gathered, Península de Satanás is our primary focus.

Terrain: Rolling hills and dense clusters of trees.
Focal Point: Port facility
Primary Focus: The Port is used by La Muchos Niños to move their supplies into the region.
Commercial: None
Residential: None
Military: La Muchos Niños
Road Network: A single ASR stretching the length of the peninsula.
   - Faction: La Muchos Niños
   - Name: General Taymen Mao
   - Methods/Motives: Mao is well trained in all aspects of warfare. Years of special forces training and combat experience have shaped Mao into a formidable commander. Despite his training, HUMINT reports that Mao is becoming desperate as of late, and has begun a "scorched earth" campaign against MAF. It is believed that Gen. Mao will order his troops to fight to the last man.
Threat Level: Severe

Classified By: S-2 Operations Command
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: 20290427
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