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American Aircraft Destroyed in Kafistrop - News Article
« on: June 25, 2019, 09:25:52 PM »

Written by: Kaleb Grant

The ‘Elite Guard’ are trained and equipped with Russian and Chinese weapons and vehicles.

In the troubled nation of Kafistrop American forces assisting local government forces lost two aircraft, a CH-47 Chinook and a vaunted A-10 Warthog, to rebel ground fire. The Pentagon has confirmed the loss of the aircraft but has so far not stated anything in regards to the crews' fates.

American troops have been in Kafistrop conducting military operations with the agreement of the local government.

The nation of Kafistrop has been in the grips of what many outside observers have dubbed a full-fledged civil war. The Kafistrop government has denied that their country is in the throes of the type of conflict that all foreign press corps observers. According to the Pentagon, this entire incident was precipitated by the government forces' inadequacies in defending ground that the American military mission had assisted them in taking. Earlier in the week the Elite Guard, the name of the armed forces of the small nation, had retreated from a rebel attack and in the process left numerous vehicles, including the brand-new Chinese-supplied ZSU-39 "Tigris" SPAAG vehicles that were responsible for the downing of the two American aircraft. American ground troops managed to secure the vehicle responsible and destroyed it, documenting the disposal of the rebel armored vehicles captured from the Elite Guard. The Elite Guard refused to comment when contacted about the incident.

A CH-47 was confirmed destroyed but the Pentagon did not state the circumstances of its loss.

Tensions between the government and American forces have been strained in recent days, with finger-pointing arising from the downing an Elite Guard jet aircraft earlier in the week. The Elite Guard claims that an American failure to destroy rebel weapons caches resulted in the destruction of the jet and death of its pilot. The Americans claimed that the Elite Guard failed to reach the caches to properly dispose of them. These tensions were exasperated by the deaths of multiple civilians at the hands of American forces in the town of Mian during a battle between American and rebel forces.

The Pentagon has laid blame for the loss of an A-10 Warthog on the Elite Guard for allowing advanced weapons systems to fall into the hands of the Militia.

Elite Guard forces have been taking numerous setbacks as the Anizay oilfields have all but been shut down by rebel sabotage and attacks. The already poverty-stricken region is now without its primary means of income and unrest has been rampant. Many blame the American forces present in the region, claiming that they have refused to dedicate any of their forces to the defense of the important infrastructure in the region, instead leaving isolated and understrength units of Elite Guard to be used as bait so that the American forces can sweep in and kill the rebels well after the Elite Guard were overwhelmed and wiped out. Several Elite Guard officers, speaking under the condition of anonymity claim that this all part of a plot by the Americans to weaken both forces to pave the way for a takeover of the country to head off Chinese interests in the island chain.
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