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INSCOM Intelligence Report 15DEC2018 - NATO Mission Complete
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15 DEC 2018

MEMORANDUM FOR 1-506 IR, 2601 Indiana Ave, Fort Campbell, KY, United States 42223-0000
               Delta Company, 5th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 2601 Indiana Ave, Fort Campbell, KY, United States 42223-0000
               74th Squadron Detachment, 23rd Wing, 4343 George Street, Moody AFB, GA, United States 31699-0000



ANALYST COMMENT: (S) With Task Forces Alpha and Charlie destroying the remaining FSKA strongholds and Task Force Bravo eliminating the remaining ISIS HQ position, 1-506th and supporting detachments are to return to Washington Airbase in preparation for airlift to a training facility for debriefing, medical attention, and further training cycles. A specific notice of relocation will be provided seperately with further details.

After Task Force Alpha eliminated the FSKA Artillery battery & their Battery Commander, SIGINT revealed that all remaining FSKA assets were being reconsolidated at the Kinduf Airbase. Despite presenting a strong defensive line, Task Force Charlie was able to successfully breach and clear the Airbase compound, eliminating or capturing all remaining FSKA assets & personnel.

With full access to the FSKA's communications equipment, BTN S-2 has been monitoring radio traffic and has seen almost no communications traffic since the equipment was captured. The small remaining communications volume has been attributed to small recon elements attempting to report in. Without any return communication, these elements are slowly ceasing further communication attempts and are possibly in transit towards Kinduf to re-establish a point of contact.

With the major threat of the Kinduf Airfield eliminated, Task Force Bravo was able to push through and clear the ISIS defensive line and their final HQ position. HUMINT sources are reporting a significant decrease in ISIS activity since the ISIS HQ element was neutralized by the Task Force. Overhead ISR was able to capture a small convoy of vehicles moving southwest out of Skozistan, believed to have originated from a small auxiliary camp nearby the HQ position, and contain the last of the supplies the insurgents were able to gather.

IDAP efforts in major population centers are now resuming at full staffing, with NATO forces in support. These elements are reporting greatly decreased insurgent activities in the areas surrounding KalaeNoowi, Kandar, Tunkuf, Zarath, Kunara, Limar, Limari, Mafaraz, Mayankel and Afsher/Arobster. The activies which are still occurring in these areas are collectively being reported as amateur efforts rather than coordinated attacks. NATO S-2 is advising their current belief is that these fighters are further splintered from their originating Al Qaeda/Taliban forces. NATO Combined Intelligence efforts are showing that the majority of insurgent forces have gone to ground - with some forces continuing their migration further northeast out of Skozistan, and the small number of remaining insurgents causing general trouble for peacekeepers - rather than posing any substantial threat.

As part of their peacekeeping operations in KalaeNoowi NATO Command has established an interim advisory group in order to facilitate the immediate demands of the country and assist local leaders in re-establishing a functioning government with basic public services, without the influences of insurgent forces.

Classified By: S-2 Intelligence Command
Reason: 1.4(b)
Declassify On: 20281215



These published documents are the fictional works of the S-2 Intelligence Team of the 506th IR Realism Unit