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Found the one I like! Thanks for the help!
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Re: Lenovo Y50
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Playing Arma 3 on a laptop is generally pretty terrible. However, the Y50 depending on the version you get might be okay on low-mid graphics (maybe high, but I doubt). The issue I think you're mainly going to have - internet connection speeds. Where will you be staying when traveling?


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Re: Lenovo Y50
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I have a Lenovo Y40. You have to select one that have high CPU speed due to Arma requirements; above 3 GHz should  be good also select one that has good GPU most of then have AMD integrated 2GB. Then you should change the Arma Video settings so you can extract of it the highest FPS possible, during heavy firefight Arma will demand high resources of your laptop and possible youŽll have  low FPS about 5-10 FPS. Also if your budget allowed it, buy extra cooler fans, because this laptops tends to overheat when you run Arma. Remember internet connection should be stable and a good speed, always check the available  the internet speed.  In amazon there is a Y40-80 that has that speed you should check it, I believe it was about around $800.