Author Topic: The 506th IR RU is now open to Reforger Applicants - PC and XBox  (Read 423 times)

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Greetings potential future Troopers of the 506th,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the opening of the 506th IR to Reforger recruiting. Before applying, please read and understand what was posted in the internal unit command announcement here:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Reforger is in an unknowable state currently, constantly in flux with updates and mods breaking. That said, it has been consistently playable for several months now with workable modern mods.

The first official 2nd Platoon Reforger FTX is scheduled for 24MAR24, which gives 3 weeks from the time of this post to apply, go through OSUT, and get assigned to a billet.

Additionally, keep in mind that while our applications are open to console gamers, and you are very welcome here, forum activity is still required for certain things in the unit. Discord does not have the tools needed to organize and run a unit of the magnitude of the 506th. You will need to make a forum account here, submit an application, and use forum communication for various official things.

With the addition of console members, there may be some teeth cutting in the coming weeks while things are worked out on how to properly/correctly implement them into unit structure/flow/hierarchy, both in and out of game.

For the Command,

-CPT Drumheller
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