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Russian dissidence and unrest in southern Finland, NATO surge expected
by AAN World News, 16th of June 2021

The Finland-Russia Economic Revitalization Treaty of 2021 and recent downing of American Airlines Flight 270 continues to be a contentious flashpoint between NATO, Finland, and Russia. The commencement of hostilities between NATO and former Russian security forces – the private military contractors, SafeAsia – on the island of Oviaukko have stoked division both politically and militarily among ultranationalist and appeasing Euro-centric Russians. Recently, as a result, the division has led to an expansion of conflict between U.S. Marines and Russian security forces in the Virolahti region of continental Finland.

In the opening salvo of military operations on Oviaukko Island, NATO forces marked early victories, rolling back the grip of SafeAsia on the island, but the lack of further and more aggressive support by the current Russian administration for the Russian military contractor has sent ripples of uneasy and rumors of unrest in some Russian military and political circles. The pinnacle of the problem is that many believe Russian President Svetla Basuda has caved to western pressure by advocating de-escalation rather than aggressive foreign policies and abandoning SafeAsia to defend themselves.

Just prior to the invasion of Oviaukko by NATO forces, as reports now reveal, Russian General Evgeni Pushkinuv and several of his cohorts refused orders from Russian President Basuda to begin drawing down the presence of his unit in the Finnish region. Shortly thereafter, it has been reported that Russian dissidents have, in several instances, engaged US Marines acting as observers in the region.

Although Russian President Basuda continues to enjoy a majority of support in her country, there has been enormous uproar at a recently released statement, anonymously signed but suspected to tie back to active and senior members of the Russian military. The report reads that, if Basuda refused to safeguard Russia’s rightful presence in Finland and defend their economic, political, and military stake in Oviaukko and against NATO, then they would do it themselves. While President Basuda has yet to respond to the statement, sources within the Kremlin indicate that concerns over Basuda's deference to the West are worrisomely high and continue to aggravate a growing ultranationalist faction on a daily basis.

The reports of an exchange of fire between Russian and NATO forces have prompted a swift response from US President Richardson, who is rumored to be considering surging additional troops to the region of Virolahti. Echoing the US President, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated the Northern Assistance Task Force will not tolerate threatening actions from rogue Russian agents while the two governments work to make peace.

These published news excerpts are the fictional work of the S-2 Intelligence Team of the 506th IRRU.
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