Author Topic: 45th Kings Own Parachute Battalion - Joint Operation Request  (Read 13995 times)

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Unit Name: 45th Kings Own Parachute Battalion
Website: No site, Twitter Handle helpful:
Teamspeak: N/A

Unit Type: British Light Infantry Paratrooper

Objective: Develop interesting missions with similarly serious milsim units, develop positive inter-unit relations, extend opportunities for creative missions

Mission: TBD, light infantry operation. Regular official missions are counter insurgency or conventional combat missions for light infantry paratroopers. About to launch official operations in Finnish border region supporting NATO.

Background: Unit is focused on British paratrooper operations: light infantry, light motorized and helos with some airdrops. Follow British protocols, tactics and equipment. Seems moderately immersive, as in they don't use ranks, but in-game professional behavior is expected. They have done a number of joint ops with Spanish and Hong Kong groups, so looking for better experience with English-speaking units. An average mission is 16-24 people, with a total group of 36, but with new recruits in training. They volunteered they will use our modsets, maps and play within our unit structure.

Initial Assessment: Clarke, their CO, is very amenable and an active duty British solider. There are a number of Brits, Americans and Germans in the unit, many with active duty or veteran status. First conversation was respectful, but easy-going. They may fit within our structure as a specially-attached NATO squad for a joint operation.

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