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Global News Excerpts (w/c: 15MAR21)
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SOURCED BY: BBC News, Reuters, Radio Free America

  • NATO Forces Continue Security Assistance In Chernarus As Country Holds First Democratic Assembly Since 2014

    NATO will expand its security training mission in Chernarus by thousands of troops following a deadly rocket attack on a military air base earlier this week by the beheaded and crippled NSLA.

    The 30-member alliance with several EU member states' participation will increase its personnel in Chernarus from 1,000 to about 5,000. This move marks a stark reversal of policy ever since the declaration by NATO leadership in December of 2020 that Chernarus will move to be self-sufficient in its governance and security by the end of the following year. Although official rationale has detailed that this surge is meant to prevent the war-torn country from becoming a breeding ground for terrorists, many observers and academics have called the strategy the only option left to an American Administration that has since refused to counter Russia's exponential increase in the use of private military contractors in Eastern Ukraine, Syria, and Libya.

    "Since Russian has shown untempered aggression through means of their military and private contractors to complete their natural gas monopoly over Central and Eastern Europe," explained Professor Shemearimer, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Harvard University, "the realist response by this Administration would be to show resolve and sunk costs - a proverbial red line in the sand - against any further Russian expansion."

    A recent discovery of large reserves of natural gas in the Chernarusian coastline by the Chernarusian Petroleum Exploration Corporation has been propounded by Chernarusian Prime Minister Piyyat Nagodre as their savior from economic ruin; the successful exploitation of these deposits will introduce a new and much preferred supplier of natural gas to the insatiable Eastern and Central European market. However, continued review by Chernarusian and Turkish geologists have recently cut the potential size of the deposit in half: "The likely output will likely not exceed 7 billion cu m3."

    Aware of the criticisms of Cold War-esque great power politics, President Richardson made a passing remark during his State of the Union Address that "the United States and her allies made a promise to the people of Chernarus that democracy will be made available to them in their own pursuit of self-governance, without fear of terrorists, insurgents, or other foreign actors with malintent." The first democratic assembly in Chernarus is set for next month; this will be the first such convention since the rise of the National Socialist Liberation Army and her adherents in 2014.
  • Civil Unrest In Northern Europe, Russia Increases Militarization of Unemployed As COVID Continues To Severely Impact Commerce

    Over the weekend, protests against Covid-19 lockdowns cut through the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Spain, just as several European governments introduced new restrictions on public movement amid concerns over more contagious variants of the coronavirus, such as the New York, Brazilian, and South African variants. Notable amongst the groups present in the protests were those brandishing neo-Nazi and Eastern European Eugenicism symbology, squelled by recently or long-time unemployed groups, especially veterans.

    The protests were met by riot police in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain, but eventually dispersed after mandated by the government. However, labor protests in Finland and other Eastern European states, including Ukraine, Romania, and the Czech Republic continued far past curfew. Most notable amongst these states, Finnish riot police accidentally shot and killed 4 college students, which saw several municipalities in Eastern and Southern Finland call for the resignation of Prime Minister Virtanen. The main push in the narrative of the protests across all states was the loss of economic opportunity. Overall, the World Bank has preliminarily introduced figures that Eastern Europe has witnessed an unprecedented reduction in GDP since the middle of Operation Barbarossa.

    In response to the growing instability, Russian President Basuda held a conference with Romanian, Czech, Belarussian, and Finnish heads of state to warn them of her national security concerns. Several sources close to NATO have indicated that reports have been delivered to respective governments and militaries of the slow but gradual movement of several Russian infantry regiments and fighter detatchments deeper into the eastern side of the Russian Western District.
  • Myanmar coup atrocities echo into UNSC Chamber, concerned American President

    Ever since independence from Britain in 1948, Burma has been ruled by armed forces. Even when apparent democratic control was granted in 2011 and a new government began ushering in a return to civilian rule, the military was suspected to hold tight the reigns of political power.

    During the unprecedented devastation of COVID in southeast Asia and its unmitigated impact amongst rural and impoverished people, the military is now back in charge and has declared a year-long state of emergency. The coup d'etat was announced on the day after the incumbent's parliamentary party won by a landslide. The junta claimed the democratic election was fraudulent with widespread suspicion of electronic voting malfunctions. The election commission said there was no evidence to support these claims.

    Disputes died premature before reaching the UN Security Chamber. China indicated that they'd block any statement condemning the coup. Beijing, which has previously opposed international intervention in Myanmar, urged all sides to "resolve differences." Numerous countries have condemned the military takeover. UN Secretary-General Serretu Oinotna said it was a "serious blow to democratic reforms".

    American President Richardson has indicated that he and his cabinent are "concerned." In response, President Richardson said that he has asked the Secretary of Defense and State to coordinate on an appropriate policy that would negate Chinese influence on the region, absolve any concerns of foreign military interference, and foster democratic resolution to the war crimes past, current, and future.

These published news excerpts are the fictional works of the S-2 Intelligence Team of the 506th IRRU.
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