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10 OCTOBER 2020

Composition of possible MLRS in Southern Chernarus

(TS)OPFOR MLRS Units positioned during OWT 08-20 TFC

(TS) During previous engagements, the US Air Force’s 74th Fighter Group was able to capture these images of static MLRS units in or around the coast of Chernogosk. The images reinforce the suspicion that the NSLA continues to have rocket artillery capability within Chernarus. This capability should place all US Forces within Chernarus at a heightened level of alert for artillery strikes. NSLA forces have shown no hesitation in firing rocket artillery barrages at any area that BLUFOR has taken or are attempting to take, as they did in OWT 07-20 TFB at FARP Aydon and the town of Pororevka.

(TS) The Zamak MLR is a 6x6 heavy truck capable of performing multiple roles for the NSLA. In this configuration, it houses 12 rockets per pod. These rockets can carry an HE warhead, which has a blast radius of 30m and separate approximately 500m above impact. It will also penetrate up to 433.5mm of armor. The other variant of the rocket is the cluster version. This variant will separate at a height of 250m above the ground and will spread across a 50m area. Each fragment has a blast radius of 8m and has a 7% failure rate. It can fire all 12 rockets in less than 10 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest firing MLRS platforms known. The image below shows the minimum firing range of the Zamak MLR; safety from their barrages can only be guaranteed from within this umbrella. The maximum firing range covers all of the AO and extends beyond.

The shaded area represents the minimum firing range of the Zamak MLR. The maximum firing range covers all of the AO and extends beyond.

(TS) During Task Force Alpha's push to secure COP Huntly from NSLA forces, the 74th Fighter Squadron was able to identify and destroy at least one MLRS position. These units were identified by the 74th while conducting ISR and CAS in support of TFA’s mission during OWT 11-20. Additional BDA conducted by aerial assets confirmed at least 3 Zamak MRLs were destroyed. It is still unclear what composition of MRLS remains in the southern AO, but S-2 believes at least a platoon is garrisoned in Chernogorsk.

(TS) S-2 suspects the NSLA recently resupplied their MLRS reserves in Chernogorsk. S-2 suspects that the NSLA are receiving resupplies through the Green Sea, to the south of the AO. However, if that is the case, the only two remaining positions to receive these supplies would be either Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. Without knowing the exact nature of these supply routes, we are unable to ascertain the amount of rocket artillery that may be present and spread across the southern region.

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