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01 OCTOBER 2020

Analysis of Recently Captured OPFOR Electronics Equipment

(TS)OPFOR Electronics Equipment at COP Lancaster during OWT 10-20 TFB

(TS) S-2 has begun immediate analysis of the equipment secured by OWT 10-20 TFB as well as a cell phone collected from EKIA by Havoc 2 during OWT 10-20 AUXOP OBJ Charlie. The analysis has already revealed the probable location of 2x HVTs in Southern Chernarus.

(TS) ELINT of OPFOR Cellular Network: Upon arrival, S-2 began to immediately analyze the equipment. S-2 realized quickly that the equipment was still functional and receiving communications from other OPFOR entities elsewhere in Chernarus. Due to the shift actions of the S-2 analyst on scene, successive pings of all known and recent contacts were conducted and recorded. The resulting density of pings reveals several important conclusions about the composition of OPFOR remaining in Chernarus.

(TS) The heaviest density of pings in the OPFOR cellular network came from Elektrozavdsk and Chernogorsk with approximately 20 pings per contact per kilometer. Hatton Airbase and COP Greystoke came in a far second with approximately 7 pings per contact per kilometer. Last came COP Huntly with approximately 2 pings per contact per kilometer. Importantly, COP Huntly and Elektrozavdsk lie within the same latitude, so it's likely the case that some pings received from the direction and distance of Elektrozavdsk might have been within the area of COP Huntly. Furthermore, this methodology has a 200 meter +/- distance in any direction of a ping. Unfortunately, this methodology of collection of data resulted in COP Lancaster's cellular network being forcefully shut down by a master key elsewhere in Chernarus.

(TS) From the contact history of the cell phone recovered by 2nd Platoon Alpha Company, S-2 was able to cross-reference the phone's logs with the analysis of pings from COP Lancaster. This revealed that nearly 76% of calls received at COP Lancaster from Elektrozavdsk were from the same phone; likewise, 85% of calls received from Chernogorsk were from a different, but singular phone. S-2 believes this is significant because previous interrogation of OPFOR POWs has convinced S-2 that Chernarusian military leadership communicate via cellular networks rather than radio channels, likely because of their fear of BLUFOR interception of sensitive radio traffic. It therefore follows that high-ranking HVTs had been communicating with COP Lancaster from Elektrozavdsk and Chernogorsk.

(TS) Additional S-2 resources have been devoted to research the likely persons in each OPFOR stronghold. Further reports will be forthcoming shortly.

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