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INSCOM Intelligence Report 01OCT20 - Supporting Units SITREP
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01 OCTOBER 2020

Supporting Units SITREP

(TS) Map of current US Forces in Chernarus

(TS) S-2 Operations Command has requested a brief SITREP from the Commanding Officer of each of the units operating within Chernarus. Those SITREPs are below.

(TS) Co A\1-506 IR: 1st Platoon, Alpha Company initiated an assault on COP Greystoke, and was within striking distance when an urgent call for assistance was received from Bravo Company's 1st Platoon to the north. Alpha Company's 1st Platoon immediately broke contact to the south and was able to assist Bravo Company in repelling a significant sized attack from the west, an attack which could have threatened Ravensworth Airfield. 2nd Platoon successfully assaulted COP Lancaster, as well as cleared multiple roadblocks and a previously unidentified COP. 2nd Platoon's assault prevented NSLA forces from successfully repairing a communication intercept station, which had the potential of allowing the NSLA to intercept BLUFOR communications. 2nd Platoon also captured a significant amount of enemy intelligence. 3rd platoon conducted a successful raid on FARP Upton. This raid successfully destroyed the last piece of the NSLA's AA net that had coverage over Ravensworth Airfield, allowing an increased rate of supply of men and material into the AO. 3rd Platoon retrieved a significant amount enemy intel during the raid, and supporting assets decimated the location with overwhelming fires upon the 3rd Platoon's withdrawal. S-2 believes that due to these overwhelming fires the location is no longer a viable FARP, but rather should be considered an outpost at most.

(TS) Co B\1-506 IR: With 3rd Platoon being relocated north to COP Lancaster, 1st Platoon has been reassigned to the security patrols east of Ravensworth. 2nd Platoon remains at their blocking position and is awaiting the arrival of 326th BSB to help further entrench their location. 1st Platoon was heavily engaged by NSLA forces on the far western flank, and with the help of Alpha Company's 1st Platoon, we successfully repelled a major offensive by NSLA forces. 2nd Platoon will be liaising with Charlie Company assets to ensure the western flank remains secure. Bravo Company advises against any further assaults of COP Greystoke until a better blocking position can be established.

(TS) Co C\1-506 IR: With construction efforts wrapping up at 1 BCT HQ, the majority of Charlie Company elements are transitioning south to more directly support Bravo Company and Ravensworth Airbase. Predominant focus will be western patrols at offset intervals so as to avoid being predictable to counter-attack. Occasional patrols around BCT HQ will still occur, but this will now mostly be conducted by 3\32. Charlie Company HQ is optimistic that relations with civilians will continue to improve, and provide a slightly easier time as far as establishing operations are concerned.

(TS) 326 BSB: With BCT HQ construction completed, the 326th is preparing to complete works off the growing list of pending tasks once transport is available. Included in this will be the inspection and possible reoccupation of COP Scargill in order to better reinforce the eastern flank of the currently held BLUFOR territory. It's anticipated that this work will take some time, and will be undertaken as a secondary priority to ongoing construction tasking on the front line of the south-facing assault.

(TS) 426 BSB: **** MIA ASSUMED POW SINCE 24SEP20 ****

(TS) 32 FAR: With the removal of the AA net over Ravensworth Airbase, a large cache of artillery shells is being delivered this week to Ravensworth Airbase. This cache will be airlifted to BCT HQ shortly. Once this shipment is received, 32 FAR will come online and be in a position to send out supporting fires as required. In the mean time, all guns have been serviced and entrenched. The 32 FAR's assistance has also enabled nearly all of Charlie Company to withdraw from the 1 BCT HQ's position, enabling them to conduct new patrols to the south.

(TS) 32 CAV: 32nd CAV remains in more or less the same state as last phase. 1st Platoon has slightly shifted their positions to better entrenched defensive positions near COP Stirling due to an abnormal increase in OPFOR foot patrols in the hills around COP Stirling. OPFOR intent of these patrols is currently unknown. The 32nd CAV has requested ISR tasking from the TOC to analyze these enemy movements further.

(TS) 1 BCT HQ: 1 BCT HQ is now fully established and staff offices have all been brought online. Intelligence material is now starting to make its way directly to BCT HQ and all units should expect more rapid analysis of those materials. Due to the shift of ground forces, a small security force from Charlie Company remains, with the majority of BCT HQ security relegated to 32 CAV.

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