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INSCOM on Regional History
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History of the Sovereignty of Chernarus in the Balkan Peninsula

(C)In January 2014, the Chernarusian Association of National Socialists met for the first time to discuss the tactics, funding, and organization needed to overthrow the Bulgarian Conservative Movement for Stability and Progress. They met in a cellar, already targeted by several European governments as dangerous subversives. In the winter of 2014, the Chernarusian Association rebranded themselves to be the National Socialist State of Chernarus, with the vast amount of funding coming from transnational networks of Russian, Syrian, and Libyan state representatives and crime syndicates. The newly branded National Socialist State of Chernarus' message resonated with the vast majority of military veterans and active members, who had been robbed of their financial support by the Conservative government. Within three months, The National Socialist State's numbers grew from a small group of friends in the cellar to nearly three hundred thousand constituents, which presented 25% of the entire population of the country.

(C) A coalition of European and Atlantic countries' militaries were deployed to execute a stabilization mission for surrounding allies, including Serbia, Albania, Turkey, Ukraine, and Hungary. The collective agreement was not to interfere with the internal affairs of any one country, including Chernarus' Civil War, but to ensure and assure the sovereignty of all European allies. As such, the United States established a permanent mission at Camp Bondsteel in Serbia, with a mission to project a stabilizing and deterring force within the area against any further encroachment by Russian, Syrian, and Libyan state representatives and crime syndicates. The 506th IR were immediately chosen to be deployed to this position in preparation for any further instability in the area. Furthermore, the 39th Air Base Wing at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey was authorized by bilateral agreements between Turkey and the US to provided any necessary USAF presence to the north, east, south, and west of the airbase for coalition forces. Lastly, the USN deployed additional surface vessels, including the USS Theodore Roosevelt, to be based out of the Crete Naval base. Forward deployments by all coalition forces were in place should any further civil unrest, human rights violation, or regional instability present itself. This exercise was completed by January, 2015.

(C) Throughout the winter of 2015, several intelligence reports reflected increasingly worrisome reports of instability in the country. The National Socialist State of Chernarus, having been cut off from all Western bank and commercial systems, required cash from their few allies: in exchange for their exercise of direct control over the local governments, Russia provided wholesale provisions of weapons, men, and cash to the rebel government such that it took only a few months to corrupt the highest level of the Bulgarian Conservative government. In only a few short days, S-2 reported several high level Russian military bureaucrats within the country. On the 10th of February of 2015, the Conservative government, in its entirety, was executed by hanging in the capital city of Sofia by the National Socialist State of Chernarus. The very next day, S-2 took photos of several Russian generals speaking with the National Socialist States' leaders.

(C) On the 20th of February of 2015, the United States Army was deployed to conduct Operation Red Anvil. For the 506th IR, the objective was to stem the presence of what had been called the Russian Peoples Liberation Army in the small marshland to the far northeast of the capital. These 'green-men' had been sent to bolster support of the flagging army and air force of the National Socialists along the coast of Chernarus. At that time of year - by this point, the 506th had been in area for nearly five months - the nearly ubiquitous fog, characteristic of the region, severely handicapped the tactical and operational effectiveness of the 506th. Meanwhile, throughout the rest of the country, coalition allies conducted offensives in order to regain control of the country-side and reassert democratic procedures for the civilians.

(C) By 22 of June of 2015, Operation Anvil was transitioned into Operation Hammer, whose objective was to drive the Russian Peoples Liberation Army from the area and re-establish local democratic control. It took nearly 9 months to eradicate the Russians, but, by the 20th of January of 2016, Operation Hammer was considered a success. After nearly thirteen months, the 506th IR cycled back to the United States for two months, before being redeployed to conduct training exercises at the South Pacific Training Center.

Coalition Forces, Operation Watchtower

(C) Operation Red Anvil and Hammer did not succeed in the long run. By November of 2019, the National Socialists of Chernarus had regained control over the vast majority of the state and, according to S-2, attempted to pursue chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weaponry to protect its claim to sovereignty. Through an overwhelming majority, on December 13th 2019, NATO declared the Nationalist Socialists to be an extremist government that required intervention to ensure stability within the Balkan region and prevent any further Russian encroachment, outside of the loss of the Ukrainian control over the Crimea.

(C) As a larger coalition force, the 506th has been designated to re-assert control over the Chernarusian marshlands. The overriding theatre objective is to restore the Bulgarian Conservatives to power and permanently cast out the Russian Peoples Liberation Army. In parallel with the 506th, the Ukrainians, Polish, Hungarian, Romanians, Germans, Hellenic, Bulgarian, and British have simultaneously declared war against the Nationalist Socialist Liberation Army. In conjunction with one another, the following operation - code-named Operation Watchtower - has been executed.

Classified By: S-2 Operations Command
Reason: 1.4(a)
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