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Operation Lockdown: VOLCBAT Joint Operation Request
« on: May 10, 2020, 09:07:25 PM »
Unit Name: The Volunteer Commando Battalion
TeamSpeak: (passworded)

Unit Type: British Light infantry platoon.

Objective: 506th to contribute to the fighting arm of a combined arms multinational task force.

Mission: Operation Lockdown is a proposed multi-group multi-session operation built on the ALiVE system. Participant groups will bring their different skill sets to form Task Force Bermuda, a multinational unit sent to Tanoa to support a domestic uprising in overthrowing a belligerent government to bring stability to the region.

Further details about the operation are available here.

Mission specific details are open to discussion and encouraged. The intention is for an agreed time every two to three months to be agreed upon to allow for a combined effort from all groups.

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Re: Operation Lockdown: VOLCBAT Joint Operation Request
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I will be your point of contact going forward. You will receive a private message from me to discuss this further.

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