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INSCOM Intelligence Report 15SEP19 - Anizay Province SITREP
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15 SEP 2019

Anizay Province SITREP

(S) On the morning of 31AUG19, elements of 1-32 CAV ("Odin") were able to move through Anizay's eastern border and recapture Boston Airbase. In the days thereafter, 1-506 ("Havoc") and supporting assets were able to airlift into Boston Airbase and are currently undertaking preparations to continue operations against the Elite Guard (EG) and the People's Republic of Kafistrop (PRK).

(S) Since US activity in the region was unexpectedly ended in the Elite Guard's assault on Boston Airbase, tensions in the region, particularly in Oben and Khas districts, has escalated exponentially. COMINT and IMINT efforts show large masses of Elite Guard soldiers along the southern border of Oben District, with multiple checkpoints and barriers set up to limit the ability of the PRK to continue to function in Anizay Province.

(S) These checkpoints are part of a sweeping set of measures implemented by the EG and the Kafistrop Government to limit the influence and recruiting efforts of the PRK; however, they have been largely unsuccessful. The PRK has been able to continue to recruit members, feeding mostly off an overall air of discontent with the way the Kafistrop Government & EG are handling the situation. COMINT is showing that they are close to securing a weapons supply line into Anizay Province, although exact details are currently unclear. COP Richmond has been re-established by the EG and is running as a pseudo-command post for the counter-PRK operations throughout Anizay Province.

(S) With the PRK being pushed back into Oben District, Khas and Gholam districts are returning to a kind of normality, with an increased level of civilian movement being tracked by IMINT sources. Outside of the formal districts, however, the Elite Guard are heavily militarizing many of their towns, oil operation centers and constructing new COPs and other forward sustainment positions include a number of new COPs and at least one dedicated FARP.

(TS) With the recent change in the EG's utilization of their aviation assets comes a substantial increase in their backline support for those assets, most notably the existence of a heavy AA and SAM net across much of Anizay. Luckily, most AA nests are still under construction - as the EG were clearly not ready to see the push back from Odin against Boston Airbase. Until such time as this AA net can be addressed, Boston Airbase is enforcing northbound departures only, for airframe safety. Several FARPs, repair facilities and supply depots have also been established throughout The Badlands, providing the EG with a much greater stronghold in this region than was previously encountered.

(TS) At the current time, S-2 is only familiar with the officially-recognized heads of the Kafistrop service branches as well as a few other notable officers. An initiative has been launched to gain much more granular insight into the Kafistrop and militia organization so that precision-strikes may recommence and begin to paralyze the operational capacity and strategic underline of the OPFOR. This initiative has had its first success in Phase 10-19 of Operation Black Spear. With a recent surprise raid on the small Elite Guard outpost of BUM in ANIZAY PROVINCE, S-2 has been delivered 4x previously Elite Guard-held militia prisoners at COP LITTLE ROCK. S-2 Analysts are currently engaged in the interrogation of the prisoners and are hopeful that the insights leveraged from the prisoners will begin to unravel the hierarchy of both the militia and Elite Guard militaries.

(S) As the Elite Guard continues to militarize and fortify around Gholam, Khas and Oben districts, the impact on Anizay citizens is starting to reach a breaking point. Routine travel times have blown out substantially, and their personal privacy continues to be invaded through the personal and vehicle searches through checkpoints, Elite Guard show-of-force patrols through their towns and spot checks of their houses (often late at night). These measures are all being represented as "for their safety", however, the citizens are all aware that they're not entirely effective at restricting the flow of the PRK and this is increasingly becoming a source of tension between citizens and their government officials.

(S) For the first time since the outbreak of the civil war, Kafistrop Prime Minister Nahk Narmi has left the country on a diplomatic mission to petition for deferment on several million dollar loans from the Iranian and Egyptian governments. State Department Intelligence Officers also suggest that Prime Minister Narmi will also seek additional government-to-government quid pro quos, exchanging mineral, territorial, or tax rights for advanced military hardware.

(C) The Prime Minister's absence is indicative of the pressure felt since the declaration of war against the US and the war of attrition against the militia factions. Several loyalist bastions on the northern and western coasts have recently expressed their concerns with the ongoing war, evincing increasing fissures and dissension throughout Prime Minister's Narmi's long-standing oligarchy. Food and water riots have also broken out within the Badlands; the five-year drought has eliminated the local barley and maize crop, leaving many local civilians in what the Eastern African Grain Council is calling a growing humanitarian crisis proportional to the worst seen in Sudan.

(TS) Construction at the Port City of Rondon, where the Chinese government has invested several billion dollars in the construction of port facilities for both civilian and military use, is nearly complete. S-2 Intelligence's satellite imagery of the port facility indicates that nearly 3,500 Chinese construction workers are present at the port on a daily basis, speeding along the development of a covered dry-dock where, Intel Analysts fear, the Chinese government will be able to complete maintenance, repairs, and overhauls of their Indian Ocean submarine force. This presents an exponential capability increase in Chinese power projection capabilities in the region. Still, State Department officials and S-2 Foreign Political Analysts reassure the 101-AD that the Chinese government has no interest in getting entangled in a foreign civil war and, therefore, poses little threat to American forces in the region for the time being.

Classified By: S-2 Operations Command
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: 20290914


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