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17 AUG 2019

AFAFRICA Commences SEAD Operations

(TS) Elements of 510th Fighter Squadron have been stationed with the 449th Air Expeditionary Group at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti in order to provide sustainment operations to allied forces in and around Kafistrop during the ongoing conflict in the region, including elements of the 74th Fighter Squadron currently engaged in direction action alongside 19ASOS, 1-506IR and 5-101AB.

(TS) After weeks of combined intelligence efforts, the early hours of 02AUG19 saw a sortie launched by the 510th, with a ground element from 817th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron (817EASOS) providing Terminal Attack Control, with specific tasking to run SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) throughout Adeven province.

(TS) The flight of F-16CM's was armed with GBU-53 "StormBreaker" bombs, AN/ALQ-131 Self Protection Jammer Pods and AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING targeting pods, with all tasking coming from laser designation provided by the 817EASOS elements on the ground.

(TS) Several militia cells were seen to still be moving around the area of the SEAD tasking, although most likely injured and in disarray, there are fragmented elements still present in and around these prior SAM sites. These elements are believed to be regrouping and tasking has been distributed to 1-506 to seek out and eliminate this standing presence.

IMINT Analysis

(TS) Footage from the flight supports ground-based observations that several SA-18 "Grouse" (9K38 Igla) launcher sites were successfully eliminated as part of the SEAD mission, as well as several successful strikes against SA-19 "Grison" (2K22 Tunguska) and SA-21 "Growler" (S-750 Triumf) installations - however several of these higher-capability installations were unable to be targeted during initial SEAD tasking.

MASINT Analysis

(TS) Ongoing radar monitoring shows that, although many of the radar-active ground targets were eliminated during initial SEAD tasking, several sites are still active within Adeven, with most signals believed to be originating from within Juneau District. Direct ISR as part of ongoing operations within the area will be required to understand the specific nature of standing threats within this district, and can this information may be used to conduct further SEAD operations.

D/5-101 and 74th FS continue SEAD

(TS) During ongoing operations surrounding Khassadar, 1-506 with supporting assets had direct engagements with some of the major remaining assets out of Khassadar - including SA-19s and the SA-21 SAM site. As a result of these kinetic strikes, a majority of the remaining AA net was eliminated, greatly expanding the capability of 1-506, and supporting elements, within Adeven.

Tomahawk Strikes weaken Khassadar

(TS) As 1-506 elements continue to close the gap around Khassadar, USN assets in the neighboring seas of Adeven launched a targeted strike of Tomahawk missiles against the heavily entrenched armoured assets of the Elite Guard COP at Khassadar. Ongoing IMINT has reported successful BDAs against these assets, with the heavy self-propelled artillery destroyed, as well as several other armored targets within the region. This has facilitated 1-61CAV to commence a push back north out of COP Phoenix, towards Boston Airbase, in an attempt to resume direct action operations in the Anizay region.

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