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INSCOM Intelligence Report 13JUL19 - Adeven Province Intel
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07 JULY 19

Adeven Province

The regional province of Adeven consists of the following areas;


  • (C) Bismark
  • (C) Juneau
  • (C) Salem

(U) Aside from the dry riverbed, there are no definitive borders between the areas of the province. All area-based Intelligence will be slightly general in nature to account for the free movement of personnel in and around the province, as well as accounting for how difficult it can be to accurately track personnel during HUMINT/COMINT efforts.

(C) UN advisors have briefed S-2 Command detailing the noticeable cultural differences, differing political opinions and terror sympathizers loyal to certain cells operating within the nation. Kafistrop has been at the core of recent civil unrest, with local militias and the countries' "Elite Guard" military finding a new, common, ground.

(C) The following document outlines each major area of Adeven, their current situation, any existing points of interest and general background information.

(C) S-2 Intelligence will continue to analyze each area throughout the deployment, monitoring civilian opinions of US/UN forces and brief Task Forces prior to each patrol, highlighting potential dangers and current events relevant to the Task Force.


(C) Bismark is home to one of the largest population centers in Kafistrop, the major town of Tottah. Known to house a mix of civilians, government employees, Elite Guard, and Militia, Tottah is largely supported by the Kafistrop oil industry and the local farmers and the supporting supply chain. Although the riverbed has long dried up, a steady supply of groundwater enables year-round farming to support the local population.

(C) Due to the heavy civilian population and the complex terrain, Bismark doesn't have much value to the oil operations of the country, however this same terrain is what's created a natural home to the militia, with several hilltops and valleys being cleared for OPs/COPs as the militia attempt to stabilize their operations following the conflict in the northern province of Anizay. With several known AA positions already in operation, including a position already neutralized by advance 1-506 forces, the militia is expected to be a tougher fight here than has been experienced before.

Terrain: Relatively fertile land around Tottah, surrounded by multiple, very pronounced, terrain features.
Focal Point: The major town of Tottah and the contained COP Helena.
Majority Force: Militia
Secondary Force: Elite Guard

Primary Focus: While the overly complex road network doesn't facilitate the Elite Guard's oil movement, it has become a natural home for the militia.
Commercial: Lots of primary production supported by several markets, warehousing, and trading hubs.
Residential: Despite a large number of households, Tottah families are more similar to our own with an average of only 1-2 children in a family.
Military: COP Helena is built up, right in the center of town, so it's fair to say that the Militia has developed strong ties with the local population, commandeering several of their properties in the process. This central location also makes it well connected to other nearby towns and the assets they hold.
Road Network: Tamir Bridge is a key interconnector between Bismark and the other provinces, and to the major Elite Guard stronghold in the map center.
Connected Towns: Although the road network can be complex (e.g. Serpents Road), it is effective in connecting towns within the district, as well as to the surrounding area.

Threat Level: High


(C) Juneau's population is split between Abbadaez and Bahad, with both towns being integral to the operations of the region. Abbadaez is a more community-focused town with frequent markets, open trading areas, great interconnections and a strong bond between citizens, most of whom have strong family ties to Abbadaez. Bahad, by contrast, has welcomed in the militia with open arms, even going so far as to help them establish COP Olympia.

(C) Aside from COP Olympia, Juneau also has a large COP set up on its eastern side, visible to ongoing IMINT efforts in the region - however, the COP hasn't seen any level of activity in months, as far as can be reported so far, and so it's unknown if this position is being held by militia forces, or if the Elite Guard is attempting to establish a second position in Adeven.

(C) Military operations in Juneau will also involve heavy consideration towards the Elite Guard stronghold in the center of Adeven. This position is one of the Elite Guard's largest in Adeven, and will not be surrendered easily.

Terrain: In the area around towns, the terrain has been molded to suit a relatively easy movement of people and goods, however outside of towns (particularly in and around Al Bahad), the terrain can be unforgiving.
Focal Point: COP Olympia in Bahad & the unknown-COP out to the east.
Majority Force: Militia
Secondary Force: Elite Guard

Primary Focus: Although not technically within Juneau, the central Elite Guard complex, and supporting facilities at Hamma, are going to present a major barrier to direct action within Juneau.
Commercial: Both towns have good market areas for trade, and will quite often host large meetings/trade events for suppliers and customers from across Kafistrop. This provides both towns with relatively stable sources of income.
Residential: Whilst not as large as Tottah, both major towns are relatively decently sized, with several thousand combined residents, and a large transient population-based on seasonality and trade events.
Military: COP Olympia as recently established by the militia should be eliminated before it can become fully established, and the Eastern COP needs to be investigated to see if there's any activity present which has, so far, gone uncaptured by IMINT.
Road Network: Juneau is well connected to bordering regions - notably Anizay to the north - however, it is also well connected to the Elite Guard presence.
Connected Towns: Via Mussara and Tamir bridges, Juneau's towns have relatively easy connections to the south, as well as being home to the MSR's which provide inter-region travel to the North, West, and East.

Threat Level: High


(C) Historians have posited that Salem District has always been the prime choice for those looking to escape the attention of any central government. Of all Adeven Province, Salem District has the highest average elevation. Its rocky outcroppings make it the paradise for potshots and snipers, a prime defensible position. There is no economy in the region due to its mountainous topography and isolated geography. All civilian commercial needs are met by domestic, local barter and trade systems. One of the reasons that the Elite Guard has not prioritized the region is due to the impassibility of radio transmissions between outposts and mountain-tops.

(C) Coerced to retreat to the last defensible position in the region, Salem District presents a severe threat of targeting by sniper positions and isolated, indirect mortar pits. There is little in terms of hard-cover in the region, but much in the way of defilade. The infamous shrub of Adeven - Fabaceae Orchidaceae - is employed region-wide by families for antiseptics, but presents a severe threat to security forces for its ability to provide a wide area of concealment. These areas are advised to remain at high alert, due to their propensity to provide ambush environs for OPFOR.

Terrain: Although the area remains absent of all habitable habits, there remain four families that refuse to leave the area and remain farming the Fabaceae Orchidaceae to sell to the international market for profit.
Focal Point: COP Helena seems to be the general locale - with a margin of error of 1.5km - and pivot for the remaining militia in the region. This is evinced by thermal registers taken during pass-overs in the region.
Majority Force: Militia
Secondary Force: Elite Guard

Primary Focus: The mountains in Salem provide a safe-haven for the militia, who have decided to position themselves against BLUFOR. These mountains need to be secured in order to maneuver BLUFOR against local Elite Guard, entrenched positions.
Commercial: Salem District has no commercial exports. It is largely a region that is ideal for bounty-hunters, disloyal Kafistrop troops, and drug-dealers.
Residential: There're no large residential locales in the District.
Military: The militia has conventionally provided security for the limited number of residents in the region. However, due to the increasing number of Elite Guard since their declaration of war against the U.S., the Elite Guard has increased patrols through the districts, frequently calling in air-strikes against confirmed militia strongholds.
Road Network: There are no built-up roads in Salem District.
Connected Towns: Long, foot-mobile trails to the Northern and Eastern dry-beds, which lead to the central markets.

Threat Level: High

Classified By: S-2 Operations Command
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: 20290706


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