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18 APRIL 2019

MEMORANDUM FOR 1-506 IR, 2601 Indiana Ave, Fort Campbell, KY, United States 42223-0000
               Delta Company, 5th Battalion, 101st Aviation Regiment, 2601 Indiana Ave, Fort Campbell, KY, United States 42223-0000
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ANALYST COMMENT: (C) On the island nation of the Democratic Republic of Lingor Russian military aircraft were sighted landing at Maruko International Airport. The island, just to the North of Trinidad and Tobago and south of Grenada, has long been a relatively unimportant island of little consequence to the overall diplomatic map of the Caribbean. However, in the aftermath of the United States’ military intervention and subsequent overthrow of the military junta of General Nicolas Aguilar the island’s president, Arturo Secada, has made waves by inviting Russian Federation military forces to the island nation. In a televised statement he was quoted as saying:

   “The United States has proven time and time again of its intention to control of the people of the Caribbean and Latin America through strongarm tactics and gunboat diplomacy. However when we stand up and say ‘no more’ they crush us. This will not happen on Lingor, we are in talks at this moment to forever curtail the American empire’s relentless thirst for power.”

   The first wave of aircraft from Russia are said to contain an initial delivery of Russian military equipment that included ballistic vests, helmets, and uniforms. The Lingor Republican Forces are large for an island of their size. An island nation with a population of a quarter of a million that includes smaller outer islands, it possesses the most potent army left in the southern Caribbean. While the force of seven thousand professional soldiers appears formidable on paper their equipment is outdated and poorly maintained, but Russian military industry appears to be refitting the Lingor military with new weapons, armored vehicles, and purportedly aircraft.

   Funding this sudden and massive arms deal is Lingor’s willingness to lease one of the two derelict French military airfields of the island nation at a heavily discounted rate. However the National Security Agency claim that the Lingor president has crafted a new method of making liquid capital. Supposedly a chemical engineering company run of the Lingor military is now crafting the raw components for chemical weapons for sale to the beleaguered Syrian regime supported by Russia and by crafting crystal methamphetamine for sale in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States. Lingor’s foreign ministry denies this, but recent intelligence reports claim that cargo airliners originating in Lingor have been spotted in Syria.

   The danger of a chemical weapons program being created in Lingor is potentially destabilizing and could embolden the opponents of the United States to further expand their presence in the Caribbean. Russia has already placed troops in Venezuela in an attempt at propping up the beleaguered Venezuelan dictator. A formal Russian air base in Lingor would place Russian aircraft and missiles within range of Puerto Rico and much of the southeast coast of the United States and strengthen the position of the Venezuelan government. The Russian government claims that it is reviewing the case for an overseas base for use in a training role in tropical environments but has not made any public commitments to establishing a permanent presence in Lingor.

   These declarations have not given any reassurance to the other Caribbean nations, especially Grenada. Grenada and Lingor are currently in a dispute over a small set of unpopulated islands. Neither side has made an aggressive move, but the sudden military buildup and expanded patrols of LRF’s fleet of patrol boats near and into Grenada's waters has caused many Caribbean nations to offer their support of Grenada. Lingor has claimed it will exercise its right to patrol and protect its waters and islands and that any nations, including the United States, that attempt to interfere in its legal duties would be made to pay. Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, China, and Russia have all backed Lingor’s territorial claims against Grenada. However the majority of the world supports Grenada and its claims.

Classified By: S-2 Intelligence Command
Reason: 1.4(b)
Declassify On: 20280615



These published documents are the fictional works of the S-2 Intelligence Team of the 506th IR Realism Unit
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