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Cable Wire
« on: June 06, 2018, 12:44:08 PM »
Does anyone know why a cable wire would melt ? I was doing day 4 of OSUT and my internet dropped along with my TV's. I had intermittent issues with Comcast before because I live in the country. Went out to my cable box outside and found the wire completely melted. Comcast wont fix the wire and keep saying it has power on my line but I had an electrician out and said no issues in my house. At this point its been a month at least without real internet ( running a 4g ).

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Re: Cable Wire
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You need to call Comcast back and tell them you had electrician check your house and that there are no Hazzards.

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Re: Cable Wire
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A cross with enough hydro could definitely melt the line if the voltage is high enough or Comcast failed to protect the line to a source of ground.  As stated above me, I would suggest Comcast needs to come back out.  Are they suggesting the cross is your your home?  If its in their Plant they would still be unable to work on it, but should be giving you some indication on a ETA to have it fixed.  And they should be referring it to the Network Maintenance group, who may have to get the local hydro provider involved.
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