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242nd NightStalkers Joint Operation
« on: June 05, 2016, 12:47:15 AM »
Date: June 18th, 2016 @ 1930 EST - Please arrive a few minutes early to coordinate.
Teamspeak 3: at ASSEMBLY time
Server IP:
Mission: Pandora: The Insurgency
Expected Player Count: 30+
The 242nd is hosting a public event for organized tactical-realism units, milsim units, and players interested in coordinated ArmA 3 coop sessions.  We extend an invitation to your unit to come in and join us for this event. This event is JIP and respawn enabled. Expect strong organization, a challenging AI opponent, and enjoyable gameplay constraints.

Assets Offered for your Unit: Please choose any combination of the following
x18 Infantry Slots
x1 Pilot slot for AH-9, Wildcat, or MH-9
x2 Vehicle crew (AI Crew allowed)
x1 Slot in the Command Team
Required Modifications: CBAA3, Taskforce Arrowhead Radio
Accepted Modifications: Shacktac Interface, TSS Nametag, ASR_AI3,
Please contact 2LT. Sabre
Event direct link

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Re: 242nd NightStalkers Joint Operation
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2LT. Sabre,

Thank you for your offer, however, the 506th does not presently participate in public events such as this. Joint operations with the 506th are highly coordinated events that involve active communication between both units. The meetings and organization allows us to, in conjunction with the other unit, create a modpack and mission that is problem-free and that provides an enjoyable experience to all the participants. Keeping the mission closed to the public also allows for an immersive & realistic atmosphere. The need for this stems from the fact that the 506th Infantry Regiment is a Realism Unit and we strive to maintain our standards of realism in everything we do as a unit. Our definition of realism gaming can be found here.

If this style of mission is something that interests you, please feel free to post a proper joint operations request (template) and one of our PR specialists will establish a line of communication with you.

We again thank you for you interest and appreciate the offer.

SSG J. Hart
S-2 Intelligence Chief