Author Topic: Anyone have a good guide on setting up an X-55 for rotary piloting?  (Read 2021 times)


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I can never seem to get the same responsiveness on the collective/throttle as most people in videos... I'm just asking for my own purposes, not for anything with the 506th.


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Best thing I can tell you is to play with the software. It can be a little clunky at first but once you get used to it you will be able to customize your HOTAS for any game.


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Come down to my channel when you see me in it, I can offer a hand as I personally use the stick. Best advice I can give is make sure throttle is set to analogue so you get the full spectrum of control from it. Also make sure you look into adjusting the curvatures/sensitivity to your liking. I really just played around with the settings until I found what worked for me, but I can give you what I use so you have something to start on.

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If you're want that feathery reaponsiveness, you might want to enable the advanced flight model. Lots of people don't like it, and it definitely adds a challenge, but it's worth it if you're willing to give up auto hover and suck at flying for a bit.
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