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Will I have the power? ;)

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Fergerson, Howard J:
Thinking about biting the bullet a building a high end system. I'am currently on a 6-7 year old rig which works fine for the games I have been playing, but I really really really want to get into ARMA and other AAA titles.

Here is a list of parts I have selected, now to justify spending the money lol.

I know its is a bit overkill in some instances but id like to have a little future proofness (is that a word?)

MSG (Ret) De Vries:
Unless technology takes a VERY sudden turn, I believe that system should last you maybe 3 or 4 years without having to worry about upgrades.

Fergerson, Howard J:
That'd be great, although in a year I may throw a 2nd Titan in there to melt faces

SPC Ciancio:
save your money bruh

There is no such thing as a future proof computer, technology simply advances too fast for that. That doesn't mean that your PC won't perform well for years to come, just don't expect it to stay ahead of the curve for more than 12-18 months (with the exception of that gpu).

Also, that build is way too beast. You will probably never need that much power and to be honest its a waste of money imo unless you are running like 3x 46" monitors. $999 is so much damn money for a graphics card.  You could probably spend 1/2 of that and not even know the difference.

My verdict, cut back to about half that cost. Save the money for later and upgrade when your stuff gets old, or buy something else nice for yourself. Just my 2c.

Here is a chart for example. Every year technology gets almost twice as powerful as the year before.


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