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INSCOM Intelligence Report 18JAN22 - SafeAsia use of Guided Weapons


TSgt Hardman:



(S) OPFOR use of Guided Missile Systems

(S) Man-Portable Missile Launchers Located

(S) S-2 received numerous reports from the field that Task Force Alpha eliminated several OPFOR troopers equipped with man-portable guided missile launchers during their patrol on the 7th of November. The systems deployed have been identified as the "SA-24 Grinch" (9K338 Igla-S), the "SA-7 Grail" (9K32 Strela-2), and the FGM-148 Javelin. All three systems represent a significant threat to low-flying aircraft, especially the helicopters utilized by the 1-506th for air assault operations. The FGM-148 Javelin also poses a threat to 1-506th mounted operations, however the high projectile cost usually mitigates their use against targets which can also be effectively engaged with more economical weapons platforms (such as the RPG-7).

Havoc 1 HQ located a weapons cache during OOW 11-21 TFA.
(S) The troopers appeared to be operating as discrete elements within the enemy formations, and did not appear to be falling into the standard command structure of Nationalist Russian Union (NRU). Photographs submitted to S-2 show these troopers in camoflague patterns which differ both from standard NRU uniforms, and from each other. S-2 is still working to further analyse the specific tactical decisions undertaken by NRU leadership in the deployment of these specialist teams to the field.

(S) Static Missile Launchers and Cache Located

(S) S-2 received reports from the same patrol of static anti-aircraft guided missile launchers starting to be unpacked and assembled from large shipping containers, along with ammunition and portable launcher stocks in sufficient quantity to pose immediate risk to 1-506th operations. Command elements from the patrol utilized the detachment from Bravo Co, 326th Combat Engineers to place and detonate explosives sufficient to ensure the supplies could not be recaptured should the NRU mount a sufficient re-attack.

As reported by Captain Ringrose, not only were 9K32 and Igla's found in the AO, but supply containers held at least 10x unused Javelin weapon systems.
(S) While the destruction of such a large stockpile is certainly advantageous to the immediate security of 1-506th operations, S-2 is now unable to gather any further information on the origin of the supplies, or the possible quantity of launchers and munitions already distributed among the NRU and their sympathizers.

(S) Supply Route Not Identified

(S) Ongoing COMINT and HUMINT efforts by S-2 did not reveal the planning or delivery of this weapons shipment and, given it's size and legality, S-2 will be working to connect with new sources and understand how such a large delivery was financed and coordinated, and the distribution of supplies and training in the active areas of operations. Until such time as more information can be recovered and distributed, all combat operations should assume that the NRU possess guided missile capability, and operate with the appropriate caution.

(S) All personnel are encouraged to submit Found Intel Reports if any related information is uncovered during future patrols.

Classified By: S-2 Intelligence
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: 20370817



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