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So a two part maybe 3 part question.  I installed the mods last night and played around in editor to make sure they were working.  A couple things I noticed 1st: Enhanced Movement I cannot configure my key bindings to be able to climb over walls as shown in the mod video you find on steam.  I can hit L Cntl+V and climb short cover but not walls.  2nd: I didnt try this with a lot of weapons and attachments.  I only tried equipping one rifle last night to put attachments on, that being one of the SCAR CQC variants.  When I added a laser attachment to it and started the scenario I would hit L and instead of a VIS laser or IR laser a flashlight which I did not equip would turn on.  Id look at my inventory and there would be a Defender Light attached to my rifle.  So my work around was be adding a PEQ-15 or equivalent laser attachment to my plate carrier/pack inventory and adding it that way which seemed to work. 

Also in the realm of weird attachment issues when Id try equipping a laser pointer attachment Id get the error message as follows upon start of a scenario:  bin\config.bin/cfgPatches/tiad_506th_Light_Laser_switch not an array

Thanks in advance for helping me with this loaded question

SSG J. Morris:
RCT Dever,

Check your PM's - I have sent you some additional informaiton that should help you get squared away here.

CW2 Clay:
The first two questions will be answered during your Recruit Training including being given loadouts. The third question I can not answer as it is out of my realm of knowledge.

W01 Clay
S-3 Recruit Instructor


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