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Hey y'all, just saw some footage of the unit on youtube and excited for potential involvement. I'm an AF TACP so the possibility to milsim in a fun and cooperative environment sounds like a great time.

I was poking around the forum and didn't see much for joining the unit as a TACP aside from a post from 2017. Just curious if anyone had any info on doing so, would love to hear more.

It's going to be a couple months until I apply as I'm out the door on a training rotation IRL but wanted to prep a bit before I throw an application up. Thanks!

MSgt A. Stevens:
Good afternoon!

TACP is only open to members of the unit that have achieved E-3 or higher, or with equivalent time spent in an aviation billet. We have very few billets for TACP (6 in total) and due to its nature, the AFSC is only available via an application process when a billet is open. If you're interested in joining, you'll first want to read through and follow the process for joining the 506th.

I'm happy to discuss with you any specifics about being a TACP within the 506th if you want to PM me. If you have more specific questions regarding our recruiting process or training process, one of our recruiters can reach out to you as well.

MSgt A. Stevens
S-1 Chief

Thanks man, appreciate the info! I'll reach out.


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