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INSCOM Intelligence Report 16SEP21 - Profile of Ruha, Finland


TSgt Hardman:



(S) Local History and Profile of Ruha, Finland


(C) Local History

(U) Ruha is a rapidly expanding municipality located in the Päijät-Häme region of Finland, approximately 90km north-east of Helsinki along a section of Finnish National Road 4 (Finnish: Valtatie 4) (Vt4). Vt4 spans 1,295km from Erottaja, Helsinki to Sami Bridge, Utsjoki and is a section of European Route 75 (E75). Similar to previous intelligence released regarding Virolahti, Finland, the major route of Vt4 represents a major investment of public works capital.

(C) Attempts by NRU to control Vt7, and now Vt4, are a clear indication of a desire to exert control along major transit routes throughout Finland, and by extension, the European Routes which form the trans-european road network (TERN). If successful, the NRU would then seize control of the major trade and transit routes through most of the Nordic states, expanding through much of the European Union (EU). While Vt4 remains controlled at COP GLASS, the ability of US allies to supply rapid reinforcement by road will be limited, and NRU are still maintaining anti-air defenses throughout the region.

(U) Once a relatively quiet rural town, rapid expansion in the commercialization of forestry throughout south western Finland has impacted Ruha, with a large influx of seasonal workers throughout the warmer two-thirds of the year. Despite this new expansion of industry, primary production is not new to Ruha, with the large open areas outside of towns largely controlled by generational farming businesses. Ruha towns tend to be tight-knit communities, with a predominant focus on being self-contained and largely self-sufficient. Ruha is well supported in this endeavor by their local governments, with relatively supportive local regulations governing aspects such as hours of work, minimum wages and export tariffs.

(S) Regional Profile

(C) Due to irregularities in distribution of civilians and major structures along Vt4, S-2 will be analyzing Ruha by breaking the municipality down into four districts, based on cardinal directions.

(S) North East Districts - Vt4 is fully controlled in the north east by the blocking position, and mechanized forces, of COP GLASS. The heavy fortifications aside, the position is well supported by a vast compliment of nearby garrison.  This blocking position serves as a first layer of defense for COP FORGE. Once a thriving town, this sprawling COP has enclosed the town and is now starting to spread outwards into nearby fields as additional reinforcements arrive and capabilities are further developed. Undergoing such rapid change, specific details on the forces have been hard to accurately trace, however several pieces of heavy armor have been sighted undergoing entrenchment along the perimeter. One of only a few fortifications of this size throughout the wider region, S-2 anticipates the COP being utilised for very senior commanders, high-level intelligence efforts, and sustainment logistics.

(S) South East Districts - Forward US Marine forces have been able to make an early advance into Ruha, and secure AIRBASE ANVIL for safe landing of 1-506th Task Forces. Surrounded by forestry on all sides, sightlines from airbase defenses are greatly limited, and S-2 is predicting a quick reaction and counter-attack from the infantry and motorized forces stationed along the southeastern side of E75. There is currently no major break in normal movement patterns in the area, but S-2 will continue to monitor for activity and relay any relevant updates as they arise.

(S) North West Districts - The north west is dominated by the fortifications of COP SWORD. Set in and around the forestry facilities, COP SWORD is believed to accommodate and support several companies worth of motorized infantry forces. Although set in rough terrain, the position is well supported by high quality sealed roadways, transmission level power infrastructure and several industrial facilities. While the forestry offers opportunity for concealed enemy forces, various intelligence sources have been unable to confirm the presence of any other fortified positions.

(S) South West Districts - COP BELLOW, located alongside Vt4, is a bold projection of power in the municipality and a key stronghold due to it's expansive communications equipment, indirect fire capabilities and wide range of supporting accommodation options for infantry and command structure alike. The nearby town of Ojalankyla has been entirely seized and converted to COP KILN. Aside from a garrison stronghold, COP KILN supports a wide range of motorized assets, including maintenance and repair facilities. Both COPs in the south west are key positions that anchor all other forces throughout Ruha.

Classified By: S-2 Intelligence
Reason: 1.4(a)
Declassify On: 20370917



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