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I am building a new pc and am at the monitor purchasing step. I would like a 4K monitor but am wanting recommendations. Also when looking at monitors is there a lot of difference between a 120  & 144 refresh rate thatís noticeable?  I have an rtx 3080 card with a ryzen 9 5950x cpu. Also 32g ram. Thank you in advance!

MSgt Minatozaki:
I would recommend getting a 2K (1440p) ~144-165Hz monitor, with GSYNC/FreeSync. There's not much noticeable difference between 120 and 144Hz, but its still nice to have overall. You'll notice more between monitors with GSYNC/FreeSync than without.

Iíve seen those terms gsync/freesync but need to read up on them since I donít recall what they were about. Appreciate your advice and thank you!  How about screen size?  I was thinking 27Ē.

MSgt Minatozaki:
GSYNC/Freesync helps to reduce stutters and tearing when playing games. This video is a good basic explanation, and is a good site to simulate the differences. 27" is a good size and is perfect for 1440p resolution as anything lower in my opinion doesn't look as good.

Thank you for those videos. Definitely helped ALOT in my understanding of it all!


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