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Public Server- ACE Mismatch issue


SPC J. Gonzalez:
I have redownloaded all public server mods to make sure everything is up today, but still give me the error "ACE Mismatch". It's telling me I am missing Mod: 506th_weap_laserlight, anyone knows how to get that part into the mod? or turn it on/off within the mod?

I did submit a post for Public Server issue tracker.

SGT M. Jaeger:
I can't replicate the error locally.  Is sounds like you still have the official @506 mod pack selected in your preset.

Did the error say you were missing it, or the server was missing it.  You can reach me in TS, and I'll gladly walk through troubleshooting with you.

SGT M. Jaeger
S-4 Mods/Public Server


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