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Greetings! I'm new here and trying to get mods installed and working, but noticed there is no HTML file for me to just... import the modlist I actually have to install everything manually... I could also just be blind but I've never had to manually install any mod for ARMA besides TFAR (which ironically was set up correctly long before I came here) so I'm a bit at a loss as to what I'm supposed to do... I've downloaded the files and uncompressed using but I can't move them from my "Recently downloaded folder" b/c "this file can only be opened in chrome." Any assistance here would be nice, feel free to add me on discord to make communication easier.

Many thanks!
-RCT Killen
Discord: O'Killen#1948

SGT M. Jaeger:
RCT Killen,
If you see me in the Engineer Detachment channel of Team Speak, you an poke me and I'll be glad to give you a hand.

CPL M. Jaeger

CPL M. Jaeger,

I appreciate your reply, currently letting 7zip do its thing to "" (I was dumb and missed that on the list) so I will give you a poke when that's done if that is cool with you.

Thanks for your time!
-RCT Killen

SGT M. Jaeger:
I'm almost always here.


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