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Arma on an SSD

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SGT E. Smith:
If i uninstall Arma and re-install on to my SSD will it reset all of my saved controls?

SPC Perkinson:
It won't. Your Arma profile where all of your loadouts and controls are saved are in a separate folder, in a separate location on your PC.

SGT E. Smith:
Ok cool, gunna assume i dont have to worry about my mods either then right? Just reload them again through the launcher once its finished installing?

SSG J. Morris:
I would strongly advise backing your profile up, just incase.

SPC Perkinson:
It depends on where you have your mods, if you have them in the Arma 3 directory folder then maybe, if you have them in a folder separate from the Arma 3 directory then no.


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