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Trying to fix my borked mods.


S. Wheeler:
So as far as I can tell I should have all the mods required to make everything work as it's supposed to, but I keep having odd launch issues. I'm re-downloading and reinstalling the offending mod. I'd really like to get some digital trigger time, even if it's only on the public server for the time being. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

M. Sim:
Public server uses a few different mods. Check the related thread.

S. Wheeler:
I'm aware of that, I have two different profiles with two different modlists for that purpose, but I'm still wrestling with things. I'll keep tinkering and keep note of any specific errors I get.

SGT M. Jaeger:
I'll get you through it...I have some screenshots that help you double check what you're seeing in your Arma Mods section to make sure you're good on your presets.

CPL M. Jaeger

S. Wheeler:
Thanks, Corporal, as we discussed I'm going to take a scorched earth approach and start from scratch.

Matter closed. Tango mike.


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