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Prior Service
« on: June 30, 2021, 10:41:56 PM »
I'm super interested in joining seeing as I was in 2nd Plt, Able Company, 1/506th, 4th BDE, 101st ABN during OEF 08-09. I was an FO though. I was informed that you guys use JTAC's but I didn't see that under available MOS's. I don't know how you guys want to proceed, I am willing to do all the training requirements. I might be able to add to the instructors toolbox a bit. If I can talk to whoever runs applications I am eager to submit. I think that all my real-life awards should carry over, I'll send my dd214(with all private information redacted of course). Anyway I hope we can make this work!!

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Re: Prior Service
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Good evening,

While we, as the 506th Infantry Regiment Realism Unit, try to keep to the image of the IRL 506th there are some ways in which we have to change.
While we do have TACP members within our unit they are assigned as a JTAC and UAV Operator team to each of our Task Forces, there is a minimum joining rank of E-3, from our units perspective you would be transferred to the 19th ASOS where you would need to undertake the TACP training.

In regards to your IRL experience, you are able to receive our Military tag in our master spreadsheet which will stop you from being administratively discharged because of inactivity. Awards and Decorations ribbon racks (as seen below) are only in relation to those awards given within the unit, no external awards are displayed on our units racks.

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