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Awesome 50 Dollar Mic Kit

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SGT A. Hawkins:
So with the tragic death of my beloved blue yeti, I had to get a new microphone. I ended up getting a Maono USB condenser microphone from this video. While it misses having dedicated buttons on the microphone itself (RIP mute button), the microphone itself sounds really nice. If you are looking for a dedicated microphone but don't want to spend a lot of money, I can 100% vouch for this one.

My son just bought this setup after seeing your post. One question - how do you eliminate it picking up all of those noises like key clicks and such?  TIA

SGT A. Hawkins:
Lower the input volume and put it closer to your face. Right click the volume meter on the taskbar -> open sound settings and under input it says "device properties". That will bring you to where you can lower the input volume.

Thank you!  I will let him know.

TSgt Hardman:
Also look at setting up a gate in OBS (or other streaming software) if that's part of your usecase. A gate will automatically mute the input when the input is below x level.


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