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Need help with HyperX headset volume


SFC (Ret) Lyon:
I'm trying to lower *just* the headset volume without lowering any of the other values on the Mixer panel (Win7) but it seems impossible.

Using the sliders in the Mixer, they're all linked - I can't lower just the headset and leave system sounds/games at higher levels. Using the physical buttons on the headset cord *also* lowers everything else in the mixer (e.g. System Sounds/games). 

Whenever I get a new game I have to lower the in-game volume to around 20% - but then if I make a YT vid viewers complain that they have to crank their volume all the way up and when an ad starts it blows their ears out.  When I edit the videos I crank the volume to 200% (max) and it's still not loud enough.

I've been Googling all morning and so far no luck.

Any suggestions?

SGT A. Hawkins:
Not familiar with Win7, haven't used it since middle school, but Voicemeter should be able to help you out with that. There is also an option called "App volume and device preferences" found under sound settings in Win10 that allows you to adjust volumes there. I imagine that is also in Win7 under similar terms.

MSG J. Brewer:
You should be able to add a db boost to your audio in obs with a filter. Assuming you're using obs to record. If you can't find it, get a hold of me in TS, I should be around tonight and the weekend.

SFC (Ret) Lyon:
Thanks all I'll pursue these suggestions


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