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SSG J. Morris:
I have been trying to drop my resolution down from 3840x2160 (4k) to 1920x1080 to try and get a bit better FPS performance but every time I drop the resolution down everything in ArmA becomes pretty blurry, text, objects etc. - even if everything is set to Very High/ Ultra.

I am wondering if anyone may happen to have a suggestion on what I can do to resolve that? The one thing I haven't tried yet is changing my main display resolution so that both that and game resolution are the same, but I don't feel that should matter.

Running a GTX 1080, i7-8700k with 32GB of Ram

Let me know if there is any other information you need as far as settings are concerned.


1LT Littleberry:
If the native resolution of your display is 3840x2160 then that's the issue. Basically any time you drop your in game resolution below your display's native resolution, shit will look like soup. It's because you're now using way less pixels to fill out your entire screen. Changing the display resolution in Windows won't help either. The only thing you can do is, in your graphics driver's control panel, disable display scaling or whatever it's called. That will run the game in a 1920x1080 image in the center of your screen with black around it. Or just in a 1920x1080 window if you're running the game in windowed mode. The image will be sharp, but it won't be full screen.

SGT A. Hawkins:
I forget the exact setting, but there is a way to turn up the resolution/scaling percentage. In the video settings, look for the setting that is at 100% (should be where you also select resolution), and try boosting it until you are okay with the visuals. This might help. Otherwise the only way to run at 1080p is to get a 1080p monitor since 1440p and 4k don't downscale to 1080p well.

1LT Littleberry:
Oh yeah I forgot about that setting in Arma. It's right below where you set your resolution. It might help.

SSG J. Morris:
Ok - Thanks both.

I assume you're talking about the Sampling ratio - I was playing around with that but it still looks like soup as you called it lol.

However what I was able to do is actually lower the sampling when in 4k and that improved my frames - I'll see how that goes.


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