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CW2 (Ret) J. Edwards:
Although not wireless I have to say my Hyper Cloud II is amazing. I switched the faux leather for the soft ear pads, and can play for hours in them without getting sweaty or uncomfortable. Sound is great and the mic sounds awesome.

SPC Shell:
I use a Razer Nari, and it seems solid so far. Can't complain about THX and wireless. I decided against the ultimate version, as I don't need a vibrator on my ears. Dual sound source so you can turn down the rattle of sitting in a vic while still being able to hear everyone in it. Turn it back up when you're out and listening for the crack of an enemy marksman. Plus chroma if you're into that sort of thing 🤷‍♂️.

SGT A. Hawkins:
Does Razer still require an account to actually use their products?

C. Sedona:
I believe my razor mouse requires me to login in order to change the settings, etc. 

I also have to recommend the Hyper Cloud 2 as well.  I have had mine for a good amount of time and have been happy with them. However, mine are not wireless so I cant talk to that version.


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