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SPC Balch:
Following off of SPC J. Morris' post about keyboards, I figured I'll get good feed back on this subject as well. I'm looking to replace my current Headset, a Logitech Artemis Spectrum. I've looked at brands like Corsair, Steel Series, Razer, and well, Logitech. I'm trying to find something with good surround sound audio, attached or modular microphone, and wireless features. Otherwise, the sky's the limit with those in mind. Anything you guys can suggest will be taken into account.

SSG J. Morris:
I love my HyperX Cloud 2 - I've also use the Corsair VOID RBG Elite which have a pretty good mic on them.

SPC McNeil:
I have the SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset which has worked great for me! I've had it for almost two years and it works great. Its compatible with both PC and console and has great audio as well. I think my only strife is that the battery life is sometimes iffy however that's usually not a problem for me because as long as you have an outlet close by you can charge it while using it. Otherwise I would recommend that you look at some headsets by Corsair because their products are always reliable.

SGT A. Hawkins:
^ plus they have hands down the best ear ring cushion things I've seen on a headset. Lightweight but comfortably dense foam covered by this athletic-like breathable cloth that is easy to clean. It is very comfortable to wear all day long, and the suspension band is much better than the regular band of most headsets. I personally love the sound profile of arctis 7s, however if you want bass that rattles your brain you will want to look elsewhere. I find that arctis 7s sound more true-to-life than traditional gaming headset so they take a little while to get used to when switching from other headsets.

I used to own A40s, those were also pretty good. Not as comfortable and would get a tad warm for the ears, but have that deeper sound profile that favors explosions and brain-rattling music more than the 7s. I put my A40s through hell and they stood up well to it, so they are quite durable. They might not be the best bang for buck since they are kinda pricey, if money isn't a major issue for you I can still recommend them.

TL;DR I recommend Arctis 7s if you want natural sounding, comfortable headphones. A40's, A50's if you want more thumpy bass and don't care too much about the cost.

SGT Knibbs:
I currently use Logitech G935 headset.  I've had very good customer service with Logitech in the past replacing mice due to button stopped working.  Not sure if their current warranties are the same or how they apply to headsets.  That wasn't really a criteria though, more of a loyalty factor towards them.  My criteria was wireless, battery life ie runtime between charges (and easily replaceable battery), programmable buttons, and decent sound.  It seems to meet the requirements for me.

I had a HyperX Cloud (non-wireless, no buttons) and was very happy with it coupled with my Sound Blaster Z.  Just didn't meet my other needs.

When I don't play games that require stereo comms (like tfar left ear vs right ear vs both ears), I prefer to play with a 5.1 speaker system mounted around my desk and a simple bluetooth one ear headset like you'd use with your cell phone or a plantronics call center headset type device.  I've never had luck using the external speakers + an external mic without getting feedback.


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