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SOG Prairie Fire Server


Capt Ringrose:
    Arma 3 SOG Prairie Fire Server
Server Logistics/S-4/HHC/1-506
Updated: 03JUL21

   SOG Prairie Fire Server

Available Templates:

* Liberation
* Antistasi
* Dynamic Recon Ops
* Mike Force
* Zeus
The 506th Liberation template is modified from the KP-Liberation mission files which can be found on Github, changes include the use of our custom ACE medical and ACE general settings, removing stamina, changing spawn distances and spawn factions   
SOG Prairie Fire Server Rules

* Members must have the correct mods downloaded and installed before logging into the server
* Members must have a working microphone and the ability to use teamspeak for in game communication
* All members must be in the Public Server teamspeak channel while in game
* Admin password is restricted to those who know the Official Unit Admin password
* Users are required to always start with NATO weapons and uniforms or similar looking (no different colours or looking like the enemy)
* No friendly-fire
* Personnel can run in their own teams, but every team must always have someone on freq 100
* If you are going to do "stupid shit" go to another AO
* Ground Net is 100, Air Net is 70. If you are in the Air you must be on the correct frequencies
* 506th members are required to maintain the level of professionalism as would be expected during official 506th operations
* Only use items from the SOG Prairie Fire DLC, NO Vanilla items   
Server Details

Server Name: [OFFICIAL] 506th IR - SOG Prairie Fire Server
IP Address:
Port: 2362
Password: 506fire

Teamspeak Information: here
Required Channel: SOG Prairie Fire Server
Mod Details

All of the following mods are required for official 506th public missions:

506th MAC V SOC           : 21JUL20 : Download [ 184MB ]
506th Userconfig          : 11DEC19 : Download [ 3.2KB ]

Please remember to also load the SOG Prairie Fire CDLC Mod via the Arma 3 Launcher

Approved Teamspeak v3.5.6 : Download

Approved ArmA 3 Version   : 2.04

Capt Ringrose:
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