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PFC C. T. Smith:
IF you have been gone for some time can you come back out of retirement and join any squad that has and opening?

MSgt A. Stevens:
Mr. Smith,

Generally speaking, rejoining the unit is easy and done simply through reapplying. S-1 recruiters and staff will review the application and assuming no issues, reactivate you in the unit into our Reserves Platoon for a minimum of 30 days. After that time in Reserves, you can transfer to an active billet.

MSgt A. Stevens
S-1 Chief

TSgt Hardman:
In addition to what MSgt has mentioned, you can also be as active as you like during your time in reserves.

PFC C. T. Smith:
Thank you MSgt A. Stevens S-1 Chief and TSgt Hardman. It's helped me out a lot and I going to atten the next class at May 1 Saturday 1700. It Feel good to be back.

PFC C. T. Smith:
I had the Teamspeak for the longest time. I just build a new rig and I can't get in the teamspeak anymore can you help me with that too? Thanks again.


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