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SPC S. Hall:
I love this keyboard. Being able to customize it the way I want is amazing. Worth checking into at the very least

PFC C. T. Smith:
I'm using the Corsair gaming k95 RGB Keyboard and it pretty good.

SPC Balch:
Corsair K70, has some damn good features, and has modularity for custom orders on key switches and comfort pads

SPC McNeil:
Haha I am kinda weird so I mixed my mouse and keyboard brands but what I have is a Logitech g502 mouse which I highly highly recommend. Ive had this mouse for maybe two years and it still functions as if it were brand new. As for my keyboard I would recommend the Corsair K95 as its pretty reliable at a decent price. In my opinion I don't like cheaping out on the mouse but when it comes to keyboards you can get away with something a little cheaper and it not affect you at all.

SGT Donohoe:
I have the logitech G910 Orion Spectrum, the romer g keys are very nice to use and you have plenty of macro keys available for binding.


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