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SPC Feehan:
I have a Logitech G915 and a couple of the older G905s around here. The G915 is nice because of the macro keys and it can run both wired and wireless but unless you find a sale on it the price is steep. I stumbled on Red Dragon a while back and there is one of their keyboards in the house and its really nice especially for price. One interesting thing about the Red Dragon board is that the configuration of the keys is stored in the board so it will work without drivers and supports Linux. Feel wise it is very nice. 

All the boards I see folks recommending are great options. One note about the Logitech G series and maybe this hasn't happened to others that have them but occasionally the software destroys my setup when it "updates" the drivers. I say updates but I watched it the last time it ran and it uninstalled and then installed the new version so it wasn't a patch and they don't seem to care it wipes out peoples configs. This can set you back for a couple of hours because there is no known way to back them up.


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