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SSG J. Morris:
I am in need of a new keyboard shortly here and looking for recommendations.

Couple I have been looking at are the Razer Huntsman Elite or Tournament Edition or the SteelSeries APEX Pro (haven't decided on going full keyboard or minus the number pad yet).

SGT Melius:
Hyper X has a fantactic line of peripherals (keyboards/mice/headphones/etc). THIS is my keyboard and I am super happy with it.

SPC M. Dallas:
K100 by Corsair is also a good choice. Second the steel series. LOTS of RGB in the corsair line though if you're not into that

SGT A. Hawkins:

This is what I use. Brown switches are awesome, don't think I would ever go to a different switch type. Tactile without a loud click. Feels great for typing. I run aftermarket stealth keycaps with o-rings installed for less travel.

SFC J. N. Lee:
Ditto to the huntsman, my wpm went from ~100 to ~130 after getting it


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