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I think I broke my wife's computer...

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SPC Maines:

I have been building a computer for my wife for mothers day and used my power supply to double check that everything was running fine. Everything posted great on Saturday. Fast forward to today when HER power supply came in. I hooked up all the cables, powered it on, and no signal is getting to the monitor. I tried removing/replacing connections on RAM, all cables, power supply cables, HDMI, different monitors, and even resorting to using my power supply to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated... I am hoping that I didn't kill a part or two...

2nd Lt Clay:
On the MB is there a readout and is it registering as posting or is their an error code show up?

SPC Maines:

--- Quote from: CPL Clay on May 13, 2020, 12:42:53 AM ---On the MB is there a readout and is it registering as posting or is their an error code show up?

--- End quote ---

Motherboard is an MSI X570 Pro Carbon, which has 4 LEDS. They all move along the boot cycle perfectly to windows. Just no video being shown

1st Lt Avery:
Do you have a graphics card?

What input type are you using? (HDMI, Displayport, VGA, DVI)

If you are using a graphics card, is the cable going to the graphics card, or the back of the motherboard?

Most Ryzen CPU's do not have integrated graphics, so if the cable is going to the HDMI or Displayport in the motherboard, it wont display anything. I know there are a few type of AMD CPU's that have integrated graphics, but I am not so sure which ones do. I recently made the jump to AMD in my NAS at home so I do not have much experience with AMD chipsets.

Since I do not know your exact system build, based on your post you do not have a graphics card. I am willing to bet that is the issue in this case. If you want to test out the thoery, you can either grab a spare GPU from a old build maybe or even take your current graphics card out of your system if you are comfortable with doing that.

MSgt Minatozaki:
When you used the new power supply, did you use the power cables that were included with that specific one, or did you use cables from another brand/model of power supply to hook into the MOBO/graphics card & drives?
If you used different cables than the ones supplied by that specific PSU, there is a chance you might've fried whatever was connected using that cable since even though they look the same, the wiring inside can be extremely different.

If you did do the above, try using the cables that were included instead, it might end up working.


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