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1660 TI for Sale $200

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SGT A. Hawkins:
Upgrading to a 2070, just waiting for that to arrive in the mail. I have an ASUS 1660 TI. This card is part of the 20 generation, but does not have RayTracing so it didn't receive the 20-series branding. This card is great for 1080p gaming, only upgrading so I can go to ultrawide 1440p gaming. Selling it for about 1/3rd the retail price @$100.

CPT Drumheller:
This post was approved by me before it was posted.

SGT A. Hawkins:
Entertaining the idea of upgrading again with Arma 4 looming™ and now that I have a new CPU to run a better graphics card. $200 seems to now be under the going price for used 1660TIs. The market still seems a little jacked up.

This is a different graphics card than the one I originally posted here. This one is by EVGA

Get in contact with me via the forums if interested or have any questions.


SGT Price:
I think you should seriously consider the 3070 at this time. Very barebones google searches place them in a similar price range and the 3070 offering a 45% computing power increase. If it's mainly for gaming (and you're considering doing other modern games before Arma launches) you should really really get that extra umf.

The 0080s are usually series heads and are double the price. I wouldn't go there myself unless there were no alternatives. Waiting to see what the next generation of tech will bring us and depending on the leap, you can judge what is and isn't worth it. But I think of my PCs in a 10year lifespan, ideally, with very minor upgrades (my last PC, 2010-2020, only had a GPU upgrade, and I do intense video editing).

Hope my poorly expressed ideas help you in deciding, if you haven't already.

SGT A. Hawkins:
I'll be upgrading to the 3070ti. It's performance boost is worth the slight increase in cash


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