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Price's Overly Edited Videos


CPL Price:

A. Grayson:
This was supper cool to watch and the sounds affect to fill in dead air were great to hear. The slow movement in game did make the experience significantly better to watch. Very cinematic.

SGT Lyon:
Wow great work Price!  I hope you stick with this, gonna really enjoy watching these!

CPL Price:
The first video:

CPL Price:
After a very long hiatus (due to the unknown virus of unspecified origin) I've finally gotten around to editing some more of my Arma footage. I have hundreds of GBs from last year and I plan on getting through it all - hopefully before Christmas. I am happy with how the footage turned out, as I am now recording natively in 21:9 (i.e. the black bars are not added in post, but the footage is natively stretched and has more FOV). Hope you guys enjoy!


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