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Weekly PVP Operation Friday Night Fight (FNF)
« on: August 29, 2019, 02:56:09 PM »
Every Friday any number of units show up and we divide up teams then play. all missions are player made and all of it is pvp, every Friday, same time, usually 8pm EST sometimes before. We need more members, on average as of now its only been 30 - 40, we can use even more. Here is the discord

Don't need to be in a unit to play, but it is preferred. This is and has always been since I joined it in 2016, mil-sim friendly but the operation itself is relaxed mil-sim. There's 3 rounds and sometimes an encore round depending on time. The event was very popular in the past and had 70+ members on the regular. If you decide to join, introduce yourself in general chat, your unit and the expected turnout of your members.

Also FNF is very mission-maker friendly, user submissions are very welcome and as long as the mission adheres to the short rule book it will be reviewed and accepted.

Thanks ahead of time if any of you decide to jump in!