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Kafistrop Declares War - News Article
« on: June 29, 2019, 12:07:09 AM »

BBC World News
Written by: Kaleb Grant

The United States military presence in Kafistrop found itself under ferocious attack from local Elite Guard forces that launched a surprise assault against American Army and Air Force personnel and facilities rented for use in the province of Anizay. The assault, which many international military observers are calling treacherous and cowardly, was launched after an American air assault company was off on a mission to counter increasing rebel presences in the region. The details of this mission are so far being witheld.

The Elite Guard launched an attack upon the unsuspecting base garrison, and, according to the Elite Guard:

"Destroyed the illegal military presence with minimal casualties and took the facilities with the combined arms efforts of infantry, artillery, armor, and aircraft. American forces were utterly routed, losing numerous aircraft and armored vehicles after demands to evacuate were refused. This was even after we cited the deaths of our civilians and desecration of our holy places by American forces. These offenses are too grievous to not be answered."

American sources dispute this statement:

"The unprovoked and dastardly attack upon American personnel was done without warning and without provocation. The Elite Guard claims to have warned American forces. We dispute this, if they had warned us of hostile intent they would not have succeeded in their attack and they know it."

Also according to the Pentagon:

"The Elite Guard attack was completely blunted when an element of the only air assault company assigned to the base at the time returned along with air support in the form of Blackhawk Helicopters and an A-10 Warthog. This platoon and mortar section along with an assigned Tactical Air Control Party succeeded in resecuring the air base, and the base was evacuated under heavy attack. In the process we lost an A-10 Ground Attack Fighter to enemy fire and a Blackhawk Helicopter in so-far unknown circumstances. But when the combat unit arrived Elite Guard forces suffered heavily, losing two of their own helicopters and more than two hundred personnel and more than twenty armored vehicles."

The battle was witnessed by nearby towns, and social media was flooded with images and videos of the battle, which resulted in the destruction of the Elite Guard's rebuilt long-range radar dome, a critical Chinese investment in the small nation's security and air defense capacity. Smoke rose from the base and from around it for the better part of the day, and the battle lasted more than an hour before video showed several American helicopters evacuating the forces on the ground.

American forces confirmed that they had numerous personnel missing in action. But the Pentagon did not specify how many or identify names or units that were heavily engaged. American forces have been confirmed to have pulled South to reconsolidate their forces in what experts are calling more defensible terrain that would give their light infantry forces an advantage over the heavy armor of local Elite Guard forces. Their troops in the country are confirmed to be the same unit that are well-known for their part in the utter annihilation of Malden and Skozistan's military and is one of the units involved in the action on the island of Napf. Military experts are predicting a vicious and protracted campaign of attempted annihilation by the Elite Guard before American naval and air force aircraft begin a bombing campaign against their forces in an attempt to rally the country's populace. But most experts are predicting another American victory sans foreign intervention by Iran or China who have voiced support for Kafistrop's actions.

The United States has declared a two hundred nautical mile exclusion zone around Kafistrop and press statements from the US Navy indicated that two separate carrier battle groups have already taken up blockade positions. Any vessels approaching the islands would be subject to search and seizure if found to be carrying any sort of military equipment or any kind of non-humanitarian supplies. Any military aircraft that enter the exclusion zone are threatened with immediate intercept and possibly being shot down.
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