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5th SFG (ODA511) Joint Op Request


Unit Name: 5th Special Forces Group (ODA511)

Unit Type: US Special Forces (Special Operations, Airborne, Infantry-only)

Objective: To participate in operations with a larger unit.  To support a conventional force through reconnaissance and direct action.  Maintain professionalism and immersion.  Test ourselves in planning and coordinating with a larger force.

Mission: We are a small group and typically field 12-18 players in operations (however for a joint OP could limit ourselves to a 12-man ODA).  We would like to join in a mission hosted by the 506th where we can assist your platoon(s) with reconnaissance and/or limited direct action.  This could include capturing HVT(s), rescuing hostages, preparing ambushes, creating diversions, capturing key terrain, or delaying enemy forces. Our teams can also conduct infiltration missions for long range or close target reconnaissance, pathfinder support, counter-mine or demolition tasks, sniper/spotter support, and calling airstrikes (condense 9-line) and fire missions (3-line).  Our purpose would be to support the main assault force, whether the mission is to clear and occupy objectives, cordon and search neighborhoods, defend against an attack, carry out an air assault raid on large objective, or conduct rescue operations.

ODA511 can also host a team, squad, or platoon from the 506th.  We have some options for missions and we would be open to discussing what best suits both our units.  We typically play Zues-operated missions, or Liberation (either WW2 or contemporary).

MSG J. Brewer:
Mr. Aram,

I will be your point of contact going forward. You will receive a private message from me to discuss this further.

1SG J. Brewer
First Sergeant, Co A\1-506 Infantry
S-2 Chief


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