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1-506th - Notice of Deployment


MAJ (Ret) Hayes:

Department of the Army
1-506th Headquarters
CPT Hayes, Commanding

To: All Commands and Detachments

Subject : Immediate Deployment to Operation Red Anvil
Per Order from CentCom all Commands and Attachments are hereby notified that 1-506th and all supporting detachments are assigned to NATO Command - Black Sea Region and are to prepare for imminent deployment to Podagorsk to take part in Operation Red Anvil. All Commands are to ensure OPSEC throughout the rank and file. Alpha and Bravo Companies 1-506th along with all personnel from Bravo Company, 30th IR will be airlifted on 26JAN15 at 0630 hrs from Paraiso Airbase on Sahrani to UN Airbase on Bolshevik Island now designated AIRBASE ANVIL. 101st ABD  Delta Company will move to AIRBASE ANVIL on 27JAN15 at 0900 hrs and 74th Squadron will relocate to AIRBASE ANVIL on 27JAN15 at 1800 hrs. Bravo Company, 30th IR equipment will arrive at AIRBASE ANVIL on 28JAN15 at 0600 hrs.

All Commands are to prepare to secure AIRBASE ANVIL and immediately began defensive operations. Platoons and Squads are directed to secure the entire island of Bolshevik and to setup OP/LP positions. Commands and Sub-Commands are to make immediate evaluation of all defensive postures and ensure that integrated defensive operations are under way upon disembark from transport. Aviation elements are to use extreme caution when near Podagorskan air space until such time as offensive operations commence and integrated air support is established.

Good luck and God Speed.

CPT Hayes
1-506th, Commanding

* This document is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play


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