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Politics - International Times - January 20, 2015


MAJ (Ret) Hayes:

Dateline - January 19, 2015 IGT - Washington DC

In a bold and direct statement the White House has announced plans to deploy the US Military in support of the Podagorskan Government and the Pogar people in the small autonomous peninsula region of Podagorsk that borders Chernarus, where a civil war has raged for the last 3 years.

White House spokesman J. Blarmey gave the following press statement at 11:30am EST this morning.

"The United States of America, above all other nations, respects a people's right to self-determination. However, we as a people, we have never before and do not now intend to turn a blind eye to the suffering of a people facing genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is evident by the votes of the UN Security Council that the United Nations will be gridlocked by special interests and unable to respond to the ongoing crisis in Podagorsk. The United States of America stands strong with our Allies in Nato, Britain, France, Germany and many other nations in condemning the heinous attacks by the RPLA on the peaceful people of Podagorsk - Pogars, Chernarussians and Russians. But moving beyond condemnation, we also support the NATO led military action currently being planned. The President has directed the Pentagon to use the full force and might of the United States Military to aid in Operation Red Anvil. Forces designated for this action are currently training and being equipped and will be deployed to the region to begin Operations. The President appreciates the full support of the Congress and the People of the United States as once again our Armed Forces go into harm's way in the interest of freedom and justice."

The Podagorskan Peninsula was invaded by separatist forces of the RPLA (Russian Peoples Liberation Army) on Christmas Day of 2014, with RPLA forces sweeping down from the mountainous border between the peninsula and Chernarus. The Podagorskan government had no real military defense relying instead on small city and county militias, which were easily destroyed or swept aside by the well-equipped RPLA. On January 14, 2015 video evidence surfaced of the execution of Prime Minister Ildus Azat, the lawfully elected leader of Podagrosk as well as evidence that the "Red Gaurd", an ultra-violent right wing of the RPLA, was conducting massacres of civilians in outlying communities as the RPLA marched on to Zirnitra.

The RPLA has managed to take complete control of Podagorsk with the exception of Bolshevik Island where a besieged UN Relief base has functioned as an impromptu refugee center. The RPLA has launched a concerted attack on the Capital of Zirnitra and unleashed "hell on earth" according to RTA reporters on the scene.

"Zirnitra is being leveled by constant artillery barrage. The RPLA seems determined to eradicate the local resistance and has threatened to push straight through the city to the land bridge linking it to Bolshevik. They have vowed to drive the western UN forces into the Black Sea." - Gerard Montblanc RTA Reporter.

The Nato Led Operation Red Anvil is a planned intervention by Nato forces into Podagorsk. That will see American, British and French forces working together to end the siege of Zirnitra and push the RPLA back out of the Peninsula. The Americans will be providing most of the ground forces where as the French and British forces will be providing combat and logistical air and naval support.

- Carl Kolchack - International Times - Eastern European Branch

* This news report is a fictional work to support the 506th ARMA game play


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